Do micronutrient products work for everyone?
Approximately 90% of the 100,000+ participants who have followed with a MicroNutrient Support Services™ Success Coach have found a marked improvement in their symptoms and quality of life. If your goal is to replace your medication, make sure you use our online guides and track your progress on our website with the help of your Success Coach.

What is a MicroNutrient Support Services™ Success Coach?
If you are reducing medications or eliminating them entirely, you will be assigned your own personal MicroNutrient Support Services™ Success Coach to work with to help monitor your symptoms, track your progress and assist you in your transition. If you haven’t made an appointment with your Success Coach yet, call us at (866) 397-3116 to get started.

What side effects should I expect?
Everyone will experience different side effects if they are choosing to transition from medications. Work with your MicroNutrient Support Services™ Success Coach to monitor and learn how to best handle side effects.

How much medication should I take while I start your program?
When you enroll in the MicroNutrient Support Services™ program you will be guided on your micronutrient dosage and medication reductions by your Success Coach.

When should I reduce my medication?
Please contact your Success Coach and work with your doctor to plan the best goals for you.

Who is MicroNutrient Support Services™
MicroNutrient Support Services™ is a division of the non profit mental health support group Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd.
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