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Did you know that people who are well informed and actively follow their medication reduction program, experience a much higher success rate than those who don't?

Since 1996, the dedicated team at MicroNutrient Support Services™ has worked to train doctors, facilitate medical research at universities worldwide and to date has helped more people successfully off of medications to micronutrient therapies than any other organization in the world.

Reducing medications is serious; you shouldn't do it alone.

In regard to reducing psychotropic medication dosages, "...Stopping abruptly or "cold turkey" can cause a variety of distressing reactions, ranging from mild to moderate early discontinuation symptoms with antidepressants, rapid return of the illness being treated, or even potentially life-threatening seizures with a high dose of benzodiazepines."

Dr. Ross J. Baldessarini

Learn how over 100,000+ people just like you have worked with the Success Coaches at MicroNutrient Support Services™ to avoid suffering from the side effects of reducing psychotropic medications.
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Review Limiting Factor Guides to avoid life-style interactions with things like caffeine, other medications you are continuing and ensure optimum balance.
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